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Real Men Love Cats

Real men teach their cats how to cook on a grill.

Real men cook breakfast with their cat.

Real men teach their cats about automotive repair.

Real men take naps with cats.

Real men give their cats shirts to wear.

Real men always carry auxiliary kittens.

Real men teach their cats how to do their taxes.

Real men make heavy artillery for their cats.

Real men teach cats how to defend themselves.

Real men have jam sessions with their cat.

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James, are you tired of using that fake accent all the time? (x)

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I am so done

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what does captain look like? do you have a photo or something...? :D

hm ok but I demand to know who you are, Anon!

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Life update…

Haven’t been online here much lately and that’s because I spend my weekends with Captain and people (yay I made the jump into the real life) We’re busy looking for a flat in Chemnitz. He’s going to continue studying here and I probably have the best chances to find work in the city so since we both want to live here - why not move in together? It would be kinda silly to pay for separate flats. We’re going to view 2 flats on Thursday and 3 on Saturday. It’s all really exciting!

More news: Kuro is ill. He has a problem with his right eye. His eyelid rolls over and pushes his lashes into his eye. It didn’t make any problems until last week when it got infected. We went to the vet and Kuro got an injection and ointment for his eyes. We have to visit the vet again on Friday and if the infection is cured by then, he has to do surgery and remove some skin from the eyelid to stop it from rolling over. Our poor baby :( I’m scared that he might not wake up again or in the worst case that he might lose his eyesight because of the infection… besides everything he’s agile and hungry as ever.

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